Wednesday 30 March 2016

Snap: Through the Round Door.

Following on from my "through the door" pictures last week I have four more for Helena's Snap this week.  I described yesterday part of my visit to the Festival of Sculpture at Bristol Botanic Gardens. These gardens are relatively new and have been thoughtfully laid out. The entrance into the Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden is through a circular gateway.
Looking in and towards the right.

Then to the left showing also the two Regal horse heads guarding either side which are part of the exhibition.

A zoomed in look of the same direction.

Then finally looking back up out of the Chinese garden into the local flora area.



  1. You don't often see a round door, and it frames the photos beautifully. My favorite is the last one.

  2. love the round doorway - ti really frames a view differently

  3. Lovely Snap. I like the round entrance to the garden. I wonder what the significance of the horse heads represent? Power? Majesty? I do hope you have another visit when the growing in this garden is in full force.

  4. lovely photos! I hope you go back later and do another SNAP when the garden is blooming! The white blossoms in the bottom photo look very unusual to me....

  5. Oh that is lovely - I do like a moon gate. Gives such a great framing for the views.

  6. What a beautiful swoop of a circle. I could stand and look at that for ages