Sunday 6 March 2016

Amateur Knitter

One shop that I always liked seeing in Nailsea was the wool shop. The windows always had colourful cheerful displays with lots of creative ideas. When I was there last week I saw this.

What a shame! I can only guess at what has happened. I have to admit though that if it depended on people like me it didn't stand much of a chance. You may remember the ball of wool I bought over a year ago. The progression has been slow.

I did do a bit more last night so you never know, I might have a scarf ready for next winter....


  1. Happy Mother's Day Maggie - hope you have been spoiled. I'm very impressed with your even knitting, considering you don't pick up the needles often. Shame about that shop. I've been scouring wool shops lately for a certain colour wool and having no joy ... I hope they didn't throw any out!

  2. It is always sad when a favorite shop closes. I love the colors in your scarf.

  3. I thought that knitting and crochet were having a bit of a comeback - but it must be hard to maintain a shop now with all the competition from the Internet.

  4. Oh no! That's a real shame