Tuesday 22 March 2016

The Hunt: The Final Choice

It has be good fun joining in Eileen and Joys's Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt . It is now time for the final link up so I have chosen my final choice for each one.
1.  A Robin Redbreast 
The Robin is a frequent visitor to the garden. I have chosen this as my favourite.

2. Tinsel.
Socks was determined not to miss out on decorating the tree.

3. Outside Lighting.
Bath Abbey looked particularly festive lit up prior to Christmas.

4. A Star
I had several stars to choose from on the tree. This wooden one I liked for it's simplicity.

5. A Snowman 
The absence of any snow has made the likelihood of a real snowman very slim! I have therefore chosen this little chap who one of the girls had in their advent pocket to put on the Christmas Cake.

6. A Puddle
The wet weather this winter has given many puddle opportunities. This one distinctly shows the effect from the iron ore in the local soil.

7. Berries and / or Nuts.
It was difficult which to choose for this but I finally chose some sweet chestnut that I picked up.

8. A Wreath 
There were some lovely wreaths on doors this year but I have opted for this enormous wreath high up in York Minster.

9. A tree that has lost all it's leaves.
This magnificent tree was by the river in Oxford University Botanical Gardens complete with some clusters of mistletoe.

10. A windy day.
I was finding this one tricky until I spotted this poor hen who was not so keen on the draught behind her!

11. Your Favourite Pudding.
This attempt at Lemon Meringue Pie was a bit of an earthquake but it still remains one of my favourite puddings.

12. A Fancy Button.
Finding these in my mum's button tin brought back happy childhood memories. Did you have Ladybird brand clothing?

13. Street art.
Our proximity to Bristol made a Banksy the only choice.

14. Afternoon Tea.
Had to be the Battenburg..

15. Candlelight.
The simplicity of candles to remember those lost to us.

16. A Chimney. 
I photographed lots of spectacular chimneys but in the end I have chosen our own chimney against an evening sky.

17.  A ladder.
An angel climbs up to heaven on Jacob's Ladder on the east front of Bath Abbey.

18. An arrow.
A new sign on the old road sign points the direction of the cycle way.

19. A fountain.
It was a shame this was not working but it struck me as the most unusual.

20. Cutlery.
 A wedding gave me the opportunity for this. The pink bag contained a small bar of Kendal mint cake and a charity badge from a donation in memory of those not able to be present.

21. Your own handwriting.
Some of my homemade marmalade with handwritten labels.

Alternative A.  A supermarket trolley or basket filled with shopping.
Not difficult to get this one. My trolley is always full on my fortnightly shop.

Alternative B. An Animal Statue.
The Tyntesfield lion won the day on this one!

Alternative C. Metal Railings.
I again found many ornate railings but have chosen the rather quaint recycled railings from a quarry railway on our own farm.

So it just remains to say thank you to Eileen and Joy for arranging this very enjoyable photo hunt. I'm now off to see what everyone else has to show.


  1. All are fantastic captures & photos.

  2. Lovely collection of photos - giving a nice glimpse into your life this winter too.

  3. Love the photos. Congratulations on completing the scavenger hunt.

  4. Super collection. My top five are: robin, chestnuts, Banksy, lion and candles.

  5. Very nice collection of pictures for the scavenger hunt! How neat you have frequent visitors with robin red breasts! Very nice too with the ladder!