Monday 5 October 2015

Me on Monday: Reflections on a Sunny Weekend

The weather forecast is correct and we have started the week with clouds, wind and rain. How dark it seemed this morning when I got out of bed! I am however sending Sian and all other bloggers a sunny wave as I reflect on our weekend.
Saturday was very much a mother cooking and mother taxiing kind of day with a little bit of spare time to get out in the sunshine to pick some of the Bramley apples off the tree. Sunday however we were able to take off and visit one of my favourite National Trust properties which is a photographer's dream location.
 Stourhead House and Gardens is located in beautiful rolling Wiltshire countryside. The star attraction  is the landscaped gardens and lake which looks fabulous all year round but perhaps late spring and autumn are the most popular times. It was landscaped by Capability Brown and consists of temples, grottoes and ornate trees in the most picturesque surroundings. 
Well you may have got the message that I love it there. I am sorry if I bored the pants off you last week with all the details and photos of my Exmoor exploits but this week it will be Stourhead. I have plans for 5 in 5 tomorrow (a day late) and Pairs on Wednesday. So if you can stand it watch this space!
So for this miserable Monday morning here are some reflections from Stourhead lake.
The iconic bridge which you see as soon as you enter.

The beginning of the Autumn colour changes.

A swan and her cygnet.

Families having fun.

The far side of the bridge.

A temple from afar.

The boat house which as you walk past it you hardly know is there.

Finally back to the beginning and that photogenic vista.

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy your week wherever you are.


  1. fantastic reflections - I look forward to the promised further installments

  2. Stourhead is one of my favourite places too. I look forward to the rest of the photos. Oh, and you didn't bore me with the Exmoor ones ... I enjoyed all of the posts about your exploits.

  3. Gorgeous shots. I never get bored of visiting Stourhead and luckily for me I live about 10 minutes away.

  4. What beautiful photos no wonder you love to visit there. I must add it to my list of places to visit when my OH and I start to holiday without children in tow. (Which part of me looks forward to and part of me dreads!)
    Have a lovely week x

  5. Not bored at all. Great photos of the area and I am definitely envious that you get to visit. Hope you have a great week - see you on Wednesday Pairs.

  6. I am catching up on blog reading and have enjoyed all your posts on Exmoor - I won't comment on each one but just to say it looks like you had a wonderful time and your photos are superb.

    I used to visit Stourhead quite a lot before I got the dog, I loved to go in the Autumn to see the range of colours of the trees as they changed. It is a place that can be visited time and time again.

  7. Oh my - what fabulous photos - it must be fabulous to be able to visit here whenever you want. I'm sure the scenery changes every day, every hour. I enjoyed the tour - and can't wait to see more.

  8. looks stunning. I've never been but I think I'll be adding it to my list after seeing these pictures. I loved your walking posts last week..didn't bore anything off me at all :)

    Have a great week Maggie

  9. wonderful photos Maggie, I adore the autumn colours.

  10. Popped over from Sian's... Loooooooove your photos.... I guess you can't get to Stourhead by public transport? It looks brill ... Your photography is amazing- nice high to end the weekend on!!!!