Tuesday 27 October 2015

Extra Tolerant

Time for a "Monty fix" as Helena would say. He really should be given some kind of reward as the most tolerant dog. Socks the cat continually craves Monty's company and frequently climbs all over him when he is asleep. I often hear Monty groaning as Socks stands on top of him and is "making dough" on Monty's back.
Kate caught a few snaps of them the other evening.

Nice and cosy as the evenings get colder!



  1. yeah - that is indeed what I though when I saw the photo. Must be lovely and cosy curled up beside Monty given the contented look on Socks' face

  2. He is a very tolerant dog, but I guess once he has settled down, Socks makes quite a good hot water bottle!