Friday 18 September 2015

A College

I have already posted one photo for No. 10 A College or University for the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt but it was taken rather surreptitiously on a tour for a university open day. I had great plans for this item. Some of the spectacular Bristol University buildings that I regularly used to pass on my way to work but completely forgot on my one trip in that direction! Then I have thought of sneaking up the drive of Bath Spa University to photograph some of its old buildings. Could I pass as a fresher? More likely a parent or even a grandparent as one young student thought we were when accompanying Emma on a tour around Plymouth Uni!
 Then I remembered this building. Not a university but a college of further education. There has been quite a lot of money poured into this area with the requirement for all youngsters to remain in education or apprenticeships until 18. This is part of The City of Bristol College. It is The South Bristol Skills Academy where some of the more practical courses are taught. Quite an interesting building that certainly catches your eye when you pass by.

I wonder if it will stand the test of time like some of our old Universities? Somehow I suspect not.


  1. As you say, this style of building tends to disimprove in the longer term, but I like this. Very striking and a nice example of modern architecture! I wonder if it is carbon neutral.

  2. Fifty years after the university here knocked down a row of Victorian houses to build a new Students Union, we're still talking about it here! This one? I quite like it ..but I wonder what everyone will be saying..oh, 50 years from now?

  3. I think the two columns at either end look like giant whiskey barrels.

  4. That is quite a building, I have never seen it - or anything like it!