Wednesday 9 September 2015

Pairs: Two Bridges

Today to join in Helena's pairs I am showing a series of photos I took at the village of Postbridge in the centre of Dartmoor. Postbridge is well known because of it's bridge. It in fact has a pair of bridges very close to each other.

The older bridge is the best example of a Clapper Bridge. This type of bridge only exists in the Dartmoor area and they date back to the 13th and 14th Centuries and were used by miners and farmers to cross the river with their packhorses.

The younger bridge was built in 1780 and now takes the road.

So for a couple more connected pairs here is Over

Then here is Under.

A lovely it popular  place to stop if you are travelling through Dartmoor.


  1. I do find bridges fascinating and they carry so much history - must remember to feature my local ones as a pair

  2. Beautiful photos! The newer one reminds me of the one in Bickleigh outside the Fisherman's Cot pub, which was apparently (unfortunately) NOT the inspiration for Bridge Over Troubled Water!

  3. Very interesting bridges and history. Great photos and perspectives.

  4. Stunning weather and lovely pictures.

  5. Wow, that older bridge made me catch my breath..imagine the characters who must have crossed it over the years

  6. Oh what a great pairing - that older bridge is fascinating to me and I'm glad it is still in use.