Wednesday 23 September 2015

Pairs: Signs, Cats and Umbrellas

I have several pairs to share today to join in with  Helena's Pairs. We had lunch out in a pub on Monday before our visit to Highgrove House Gardens which you can read about here. This gave me a chance to take some pictures before our cameras had to be stowed away for our garden tour. We went to a pretty little pub near Tetbury called 'The Cat and Custard Pot'. So I start my pairs with a Zoom Out.

Then a Zoom In  of the sign for this curiously named pub.

Should you go round to the other side of the sign you will find another pair making a front and back.

Despite reading the literature in the pub I still could not establish exactly what Cat and Custard Pot Day was. The painting appears to refer to a story of a hunt that occurred on this day called "Handley Cross or Mr Jorrock's Hunt".
Then for another pair. A Zoom In on a pair of people holding umbrellas! So it could be a late entry for Alternative B of the photo hunt! Fortunately this was the last of the rain for the day and the sun was shining by the time we stepped back outside.

The pub is well with a visit. The bar staff went out of their way to be hospitable and the food was delicious. They also made sure we were ready in good time for our afternoon visit. 
Then for on final pair as we left I spotted a cat to pair up with the pub sign. A weather vane in the shape of another cat on one of the outbuildings.


  1. To my Canadian eye, that is everything a country pub should look like (lol). I like their signage. Great Pairs.

  2. Great the pub and the weather vane

  3. What a great name for a pub..not one to forget in a hurry

  4. What a funny name - interesting to wonder where it came from.

  5. Looks like a lovely pub - useful stop off from the Fosseway - I guess it is tucked away, have never seen or heard of it

  6. Great pairs - seems you had a great time too.