Wednesday 2 September 2015

Pairs: Evening Light

It was after 6pm when I got round to taking the dog for a walk yesterday. Despite not taking my camera with me I managed to get a couple of pictures on my IPhone of the lovely evening light to use for Helena's Pairs.
Looking Back. 
A glance backwards over the gate to where I have just walked along the side of one of our arable fields. You can see that we have a two metre margin to allow the wildflowers and hedgerow to flourish. You can also see the wheat still not cut. The wet weather has delayed this that should be harvested by now.

Looking Forward 
Then cutting across the corner of one field I look over the next gate to where I am going next. The rainbow suggests that someone else is not having our evening sun!


  1. oh yes beautiful evening light - I think the great light at this time of year is a consolation to the earlier dusk

  2. At this time of year I think the evening light softens and you have captured perfectly. Both photos show a wonderful place to walk.

  3. lovely lucky for you to have a wonderful place for walking

  4. Both photographs are SO beautiful!

  5. Beautiful. "Backwards and forwards" makes for some really interesting pairings