Monday 14 September 2015

Me On Monday : Another Wedding

I am again joining in with Sian's Me on Monday giving her and other fellow bloggers a big wave on this Monday morning as we start another week.
In some ways it has been a quiet weekend with Emma away doing her expedition for her Gold Duke of Edinburgh. We have heard very little from her as is to be expected but she did text me on Saturday to say she had walked for 10 hours that day. I think she is going to be tired tonight and I had better make sure the washing machine is empty too. 
Brian and I meanwhile have been to another wedding. It's a bit like London buses. One doesn't come for ages and then you get two at once! This time it was a friend who goes back a long way. I have known the groom since I was in the Sixth Form. I went to an all girls school and he came down with his mate from one of the boys schools to arrange joint social events. Needless to say he was gently teased on Saturday for taking longer than most to change his marital status! He and his bride had met through a gardening club and this was evident in the choice of English flowers for the big day.

The service was followed by a short walk. The guests followed the bride and groom in procession  to the hotel for the reception. How lucky we were that the rain had stopped!

The bride had made her own cake and a friend had helped her with the icing. It was touching to hear that the little shoes were from her parents wedding cake neither of whom were still alive to see this lovely event.

But all bloggers look closely at this cake or perhaps you have already noticed. A tiny tortoise at the base!

The bride apparently has a pet tortoise. I didn't think it was an appropriate day to ask to photograph it and I still maintain that there is a definite difference between a tortoise and a turtle even if the American distinction is rather vague.
When the delightful reception with a delicious meal was finished (here is a sample)

we had time to wander around the hotels beautiful gardens and take some photos. You could not have asked for a more perfect setting

So with a busy day Saturday it has been good to have a quiet Sunday at home with a Sunday Roast and a bit of relaxation time.


  1. sounds and looks like a fabulous relaxed wedding entirely suited to the couple

  2. It all looks so joyful and so pretty (and so nicely photographed) A very special day.

    Have a good week Maggie

  3. Love weddings, love Love. Beautiful cake! It looked like Austin roses in her bouquet. I agree that there is a difference between tortoise and turtle.

  4. It looked like a beautiful wedding (and day). Do the Americans really not know that a turtle lives in water and a tortoise on land? (Bad luck for the tortoise if someone gets that muddled up!)

    1. I am just imagining that poor tortoise! I don't want to cause offence to our American friends but this link does refer to the more vague distinction in the USA and indeed in Australia.

  5. What beautiful details from the wedding you've captured. It must have been quite a splendid day.

  6. Looks like a wonderful day, it was lucky the sun was shining after all the rain we are having.