Saturday 5 September 2015

Farmers visit to London 5 in 5

Today I am joining in with Sandy at Itchifingers  for her 5 photos on the 5th. On Thursday I went with a group of friends on a visit to London. Should you want to read more click here.
A visit to London is a far cry from our home although I lived there myself during my student nurse days. It is always good to experience something different and accompanying 5 farmers gives you a different perspective of our great city. I snapped my camera away whilst we were hovering around the London Eye. Luckily these pictures I managed to save. See previous post for details of my camera crisis.

No. 1 Brian examines the massive structure above us.

No. 2 The structure is indeed the London Eye against a stormy sky.

No.3 The boys look across at one of the most famous views of London and where we are on our way for a tour. The Houses of Parliament.

No. 4 The large number of attractions at the County Hall were still pulling the crowds. None of these suited us particularly not Shrek!

No. 5 What did look more attractive was the floating restaurant cruising up the Thames with crisp white table cloths! A better option than our fish and chips but we had no time anything grand today.

So off we went to our tour of the Houses of Parliament before re boarding our coach. We had a lovely day in our lovely capital city but we were glad to return to our green and pleasant land that we are so fortunate to live in. 


  1. great pictures of people visiting London - love them looking across the river at Parliament and those tables on the boat look inviting

  2. Some great shots there Maggie, like Helena I specially like the one of the men looking across the river. Hope you enjoyed your tour.
    Thank you for joining in again this month, I enjoyed reading about your trip to London and I'm off now to find out what happened with your camera!