Friday 11 September 2015

A Little More of Dartmoor

 I have featured our day on Dartmoor a couple of times this week but have a few more pictures for you. We stayed at a B & B in the middle of Mortenhampstead. We woke on the Sunday to a beautiful day with a view from our room out over the rooftops to the hills of Dartmoor.

Wherever you go on Dartmoor on a day like this the views are beautiful. You get peeps of it at every turn.

We stopped at Widecombe in the Moor for a wander. Last time we were there was on our return from our honeymoon 22 years ago. The romance was lost on Brian!

We had a look around the church which can be seen for some miles around.

The views from the church and churchyard are something else.

Our last visit of the day was to Hay Tor. This large granite rock is probably one of the most visited spots in Dartmoor but fortunately was not too busy while we were there. It is quite a remarkable out crop of rock with spectacular views.


  1. No sooner have I crossed something off my to do list, then you give me another: hiking round Hay Tor! All your pics are lovely - Sunday was just wonderful weather in these parts.

    1. When you told me you were in Devon it did occur to me that we could almost see where you were from Hay Tor!

    2. I could have stood on the roof of Greenway and given you a wave!

  2. That rock outcropping is fantastic - what a wonderful wander. Let's pretend that in the photo of Brian, he is deep thinking about the memory of your honeymoon (lol)

  3. Lovely photos, such good weather! If you were to ask David about his memory of our last trip to Widdecombe - some 20 years ago - you would hear a tale of a very large mixed grill in a very nice pub!

  4. Beautiful photos - what a lovely adventure. Hay Tor is amazing, I'm always impressed with huge outcroppings like that.