Monday 7 September 2015

Me on Monday

I have been reading Me on Monday on many blogs for several months. It is the creation of Sian at From High in the Sky and today I have decided to join in. So I am sending a big wave to Sian and everyone else and also an oversized smile!

I am just wondering if Brian could build us a wall like this. It's been a busy weekend with a lovely country wedding on Saturday which you can see more of here.   There were a few firsts for me. The first bride on a bouncy castle and the first tug of war at a wedding! Oh and of course the use of a watering can (brand new) to share out the beer was another first for me!
We stayed the night at a Bed and Breakfast with views over Dartmoor from our room. A big plus for me was the glimpse of a rocking chair in the visitors lounge. Hurray I have found at last Alternative C for the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt!

I did of course ask the lady if I could photograph her chair and she told me she was a teacher and that for many years it lived in her classroom. A cosy retreat for tired children and a homely spot for story time. Sadly a new headmistress asked her to remove it because it did not give the right work ethos. How can some people be so short sighted about the needs of children?
On Sunday we had beautiful weather for a trip around Dartmoor. This included an ideal coffee stop.

A reminder of a well known folk song "Uncle Tom Cobley" with this brilliant model. 

And an interesting companion in the ice cream queue.

I also had to smile at a mother telling her son he would have to get used to Devon Ice Cream rather than his usual Mr Whippy and the family that carried a ball up to Hay Tor and then accidentally dropped it....

Have a good week everyone and I will show you a bit more of Dartmoor soon. Oh and I forgot to say that the combine harvester arrived today and cut the wheat. Only a few acres left now.


  1. Lovely pictures, looks as if you had a good weekend overall - and a real bonus to get a lovely sunny day on Dartmoor!

  2. That's funny about the ice cream! Who'd want to swap Devonshire ice cream for anything else? Love the pic of Hay Tor. Thank goodness it was just a ball they dropped.
    I too have suddenly got a couple of rocking chairs after much searching!

  3. Love this post - that rock is amazing and how funny to see a horse in the ice cream line.

    1. The Dartmoor ponies roam all over the open moorland. You are not supposed to feed them bot I suspect hey hover by the van hoping for titbits.

  4. and looks like you had lovely blue skies too - love that wall. have a great week

  5. HI Maggie! It's lovely to be giving you a wave this time round. I hope the week is a great one for you. You've rounded up a really interesting collection of pictures here, though I had a real "oh no" moment when I read about the rocking chair. That's sad! Hope the horse got the flavour he wanted

  6. Oh I too would like a stone wall like Stoney Smile that you found. Lucky pony that he got ice cream.