Saturday 19 September 2015

Public Conveniences

There are only a few days left of the Photo Hunt. Today I am posting another possibility for No. 12 A Public Restroom.  This one proves to me how the hunt makes you look at familiar places in a different light. I must have passed these particular public toilets hundreds of time on the way to the car park in Bath. It was only this week that I took a second look at them. I was passing by when taking mum to the dentist for hopefully her last visit for a while.

I thought the black and white suited there grotty character. Have they been kept as a specimen of architecture? Surely not! They have been closed for many years. They remind me rather of those weather gauges where the rainy person or sunny person emerge from their door depending on the likely weather!
A step round the back gives you the modern up date.

One of those scary automatic toilets where if you sit for too long you are in danger of having the door automatically open on you and if you don't emerge then you will be subjected to a full wash along with the whole toilet! I think I shall just keep my legs crossed!


  1. oh yes I can just imagine the sunshine and rainy people gliding out of those doors - would a fun installation for some drama students to do

  2. I rather like that the old-fashioned toilet blocks remain - even if I fear they wouldn't be too pleasant to use (had they been open). This reminds me I saw a similar block on Dartmoor and completely ignored it!

    1. Ella I am still annoyed with myself that I took my daughter into Bristol AND collected her on a days work experience right next to Bristol University and I completely forgot the hunt! We even arrived early and sat in the car NEXT to one of the University buildings! It just shows that occasionally we have more important things on our mind!

    2. Oh no!! But yesterday's college is lovely (though I know some of the Bristol Uni buildings are beautiful). The Dartmoor loos were in Widecombe just outside one of the car parks - the one between the two cafes.
      You'll have to submit an invoice to the South Devon Tourist Board for your marketing efforts! Greenway, Haytor...

  3. I like your black and white photos of the public restrooms. I don't like the idea of all that automation.

  4. I took photos of the same restrooms - I must say they look better in black and white!