Thursday 17 September 2015

Eggs for Breakfast

One of our flocks of hens is fairly young. They have now found their feet and are roaming over the fields a lot now.

Our customers like it when we have new hens as they tend to lay a lot of "double yolkers". These are basically where the hen lays two eggs in one shell. You can often see the join of the two eggs around the middle of the shell. The result is a huge variety of size in one tray.

Boiled egg anyone?


  1. Yes please! I've never had a double yolker - can I have it fried? I think it would be more fun.

  2. Eggs are the one reason I could never be vegan. I like eggs for any meal. That is a very large egg shown in your last photo. I think it would take at least 3 slices of solider toast to dip all the yolk yumminess !

  3. My goodness - that is a lot of chickens. I love the white tips on their tails.