Tuesday 8 September 2015

Devotion: One Photo and Twenty Words.

It won't be long before Autumn will be here and the Swallows will start their long migration. We had one nest that a sparrow hawk attacked and killed the chicks. The parents were far from thwarted immediately starting another famil.
So today one day early I am joining in Abi's meme One Photo and Twenty Words.

                These totally devoted parents work tirelessly to nurture their young.
                  Imagine the journey ahead for these so tiny swallow chicks.


  1. That's so touching. I feel as if I could learn a bit from those parents! Hope the chicks are big enough to make it across the sea. Well done for getting such a good pic of them feeding.

    1. Thanks Ella. My back door goes straight into one of our barns. The nest is right opposite the door. I took the photo with a zoom and a short stepladder. I missed a few before I caught this one!

  2. Makes you think, doesn't it?

  3. Wonderful close up photo. Sad start for the parents, nature can be SO brutal. We get swallows nesting in the barn behind us and I think this bird has such a sense of humour as they love to swoop in close and I swear it's a chuckle I hear from them.

  4. What a beautiful photo. Swallows are gorgeous

  5. What stunning photos. And determination! A great lesson for us all :).

  6. Great shot and it certainly makes you think.