Wednesday 16 September 2015

Pairs: Sunflower Head

I posted my Sunflowers called Shock O Lat back in July. I have decided to use them for my pairs again today joining in with Helena at Helena's Creative Maven. I know there was quite a lot of feeling from quite a few people that they prefer the traditional yellow Sunflower. I must admit in some ways I miss my normal yellow Giants and the small heads are a bit of a disappointment. However these definitely have some bonuses. They have stayed at a manageable height. They have flowered over and over again. I have cut the odd one or two and they look lovely in a vase.
So for my pairs The front.

The side.

Does anyone remember Bill and Ben? Don't you think this one could audition for "Little Weed"?
The other question is. I have been uncertain whether to cut off the dead heads. Generally dead heading encourages more flowers but I usually like to leave the heads for birds to feed on the seeds. As far as I can see they have flowered regardless. What do you think? 


  1. lovely sunny blooms and surprised at how big they are from the side - I like the seedheads to look at too - another reason to leave them

  2. Very nice sunflowers they are. Change is fun in the garden. I have two sunflowers planted by either chipmunks or birds so I have no idea what they will look like when they finally bloom. I leave the heads on along with the heads of coneflowers for the finches to feed upon, so I vote that you leave these seedheads on.

  3. I love sunflowers...I planted some this year and they were only 12 inches high with 3 inch blossoms! I would also vote for leaving on the seedheads

  4. I vote for leaving them on too. Or would it work if you cut them off and set them on a bird table ?

  5. These are great - maybe now Autumn is coming you could leave the heads? I was fascinated by the fields of sunflowers in France - every single flower facing exactly the same way.. Guess that is how they hot their name?

  6. They're lovely! A friend gave me some seeds this spring, and I had high hopes for them, but not a single plant came up. I'd be happy with any variety I think.