Tuesday 29 September 2015

A Walk from Tarr Steps

The first day of our walking weekend was as previously mentioned in the last post was spent walking at Tarr Steps. We started off the day with a coffees the Tarr Farm Inn  overlooking the famous clapper bridge.

We did not spot any cars braving the ford today but we did catch two horses on their way through.

The bridge is thought to be medieval and is made of massive flat boulders. It was badly damaged by flood in 2012 and had to be reassembled. There are large cables across the river upstream to try and stop large pieces of debris being washed down at times of flood.

Our walk took us upstream by the River Barle for about 2.5 miles. 

The water continually changing from deceptive calm to raging currents.

The walk then climbed up onto the open moor of Winsford Hill where there was a short period of confusion as to where the walk went as we plodded through the bogs!

Then it was the turn of muddy wet bridleways.

We then eventually dropped back down to the river accompanied by two young cats who appeared from nowhere. (No pictures I'm afraid). On our return downstream to Tarr steps now on the other side of the river we came across a curious site. These logs and tree remains were covered in coins that had been hammered in.

I have no explanation for this!
We were pleased to have completed our 5.5 miles and headed for our accommodation a little more muddy than when we had started out.


  1. looks a lovely walk (except for the mud) and I love the medieval bridge and the mystery of the coins in the tree

  2. It sounds like they are wishing trees.


  3. Envious of that beautiful spot for riding. Brilliant reds of the vine up the building (although I always worry if any damage is being done to the building). I wonder if originally the coins (a few) were hammered in to help with the breaking down of the stump and then the notion took off ...

  4. Were the money trees near the Glen Lyn Gorge? I remember there were several trees like this there.

    1. They were just upstream from Tarr Steps on the same side as the car park. Must be a Devon thing!