Tuesday 1 September 2015

Playing with Waterlogue

I was very interested to see Karen at Random Reflections post for Pairs this week. She had used an App called Waterlogue to alter a photograph to look like a painting. I have seen similar work on Miriam's blog. I don't usually get interested in these kind of Apps but I soon found I had wasted quite a lot of time on this one.
These are some of my efforts.

This next one is my favourite.


What do you think? Do you have a favourite?


  1. all fabulous - I agree with you and also love the one above it. So jealous of all of you with apple phone - this app is not available for android

  2. I love them ... yet another reason for getting an iPhone! I like the same one as you and also the last one - the flowers.

  3. All beautiful! I like the horse, the wellies and the one you said best. So clever. I don't even have a smartphone but perhaps something like this will be available on photo editing software in due course.

    On a completely different topic/an ancient post: Do you think a whole day is necessary to do justice to Greenway?

  4. All lovely. I couldn't pick a favourite but I did do an "ah" at the little person's legs with puppy. You and Karen could get commission cheques for all the possible/potential iphone sales coming up :)

  5. I think your favourite is mine too. But they all pulled me in for a closer look..I love the way the colours are rendered