Sunday 13 September 2015

More Swallow Antics

A few days ago I posted a nest of very late swallow chicks just inside the barn by my back door. They are now out of the nest and flying around the barn between feeds from their parents. A lot of the swallows have now left on their tough journey south. There are quite a few swallows passing through and resting up before they travel on.
One of the parents watches patiently over these little ones.

They are fascinating to watch and gave me quite a ballet show earlier today.

You have got to admit they are pretty cute.


  1. With every pic I thought "That's my favourite!" And then the next one was even better! Heads and tails with open beak is my overall bestest. You are so lucky to be able to see these!
    Driving along the other day I saw swarms of birds on wires, down my the Dart. Needless to say, I thought of Rinda - where were they all when I needed them last year?!

  2. what a treat to have these to watch - amazing how big their hungry mouths are

  3. Love the tails - love all the pictures. Great post.

  4. They are very cute but look very small for their long trip south.